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Hooked On Pizza

By: Gene Davis Posted: June-22-2010 in
Gene Davis

Ever since I was a kid growing up in Southern California, my favorite food has been pizza. You know the kind of pizza I mean. Pizza dripping with mozzarella cheese and every topping imaginable. The kind that smells good even two blocks away from the pizza parlor!

Well, today I took a ride into Angeles City to visit a friend of mine. While there, I found that he is selling a complete pizza restaurant full of all the equipment needed to run a business! Everything from ovens, mixers, prep tables, etc etc etc.

Happy New Year To All

By: Gene and Viol Davis Posted: December-29-2009 in
Gene and Viol Davis


From Gene, Viol, and Ynna Davis

Angeles City, Philippines...

The Single Serving Society

By: John Weeks and Sin Yang Pirom Posted: August-29-2008 in
John Weeks and Sin Yang Pirom

take a look at the ubiquitous neighborhood shop.

Newly arrived in Cambodia, I strolled down to the corner store for a soda. A customer pedaled over on his bike and purchased three cigarettes. He lit up via a lighter attached with string to the display case, and cruised off serenely. Such was my introduction to small scale trading in Cambodia. The store itself, like most of its kind, was crammed full of products both familiar and foreign: a cabinet of curiosities. Every neighborhood has one.

The Great Joyful Proclaimer

By: John Weeks and Y Lida Posted: August-29-2008 in
John Weeks and Y Lida

walk us through his life.

Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize four times, Maha Ghosananda is widely respected for the courage he displayed while leading peace walks during some of Cambodia's most difficult moments.

In 1978 a saffron-robed figure appeared in the Thai border camps, distributing passages of scripture. Many were stunned and awed; they hadn't seen a monk in years. The refugees needed food, water and shelter, but most of all, they needed hope.

Two pages can barely summarize the remarkable life of Maha Ghosananda. But a brief glimpse can point to the path he walked.

Driving in Cambodia

By: John Weeks and Sao Channa Posted: August-29-2008 in
John Weeks and Sao Channa

If you are pulled over, remember: traffic police are civil servants who don't have a terribly huge salary, faced with some pretty anarchic situations. Civility on your part can go a long way - especially if there is a language barrier. Keep it light, and you may be invited for a coffee, beer or kuy tiew (noodle soup) by your new friends

Traffic police are expected to carry a book of road law with them, so you can ask them to point out which rule you broke. (Yes, to the surprise of many foreigners, turning right during a red light is illegal.)

Shoes and a story of survival

By: Bronwyn Sloan Posted: July-30-2008 in
Bronwyn Sloan

Foreigners crowding into I.C. Chaney's Beautiful Shoes shop on Street 143 revel in the prices of his handmade shoes - who could believe an open toed leather sandal in fine leather could cost just $15 made to order?

But Chaney's story is also one of history and incredible survival since he took over the family business in 1981, when Phnom Penh was still in ruins.

So you are thinking of buying a new computer

By: Vinh Dao Posted: July-30-2008 in
Vinh Dao

Purchasing a computer can be a daunting and confusing experience in Phnom Penh with a multitude of brands and models for one to choose from and few restrictions on how reputable the dealership has to be to comply with the law.

Whether it is a desktop or laptop, one of the most important decisions to purchasing a computer is to define what it will be used for; will it be used as a primary multi-media center, an office workhorse or just a tool to surf the internet?


By: Antoinette Curl Posted: July-28-2008 in
Antoinette Curl

Not too far from our street of guesthouses stands a building with a facade completely covered in neon. It called out like a beacon to us one night last week, and we just had to go see what it was. This neon trick must be one of the oldest ones in the marketing book, as it's been successfully employed for decades in Las Vegas. Nevertheless, the sign out front reads "Champs Elysee," and "KTV," which is the local lingo for karaoke. So, we just had to take a look inside -- the outside being so shiny and bright.

Harper's Dream

By: Nathan Green Posted: July-25-2008 in
Nathan Green

Civil war, death and distrust greeted filmmaker Stanley Harper when he first came to Cambodia in 1988. Two decades and a major film later, a vastly different country prepares to move into the future, writes Nathan Green.

Snow - City of Ghosts Revisited

By: Expat Advisory Posted: July-16-2008 in
Expat Advisory

As expats living in Phnom Penh, many of us learn to separate the artificial from the authentic.

For better or worse, there's something about Cambodia that strips away artifice, and exposes raw character.

An Australian living in Cambodia for close to 15 years, Ian Woodford, better known as 'Snow' (because he grew up in New South Wales' Blue Mountains) is one such raw character.


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