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Recipe: Cilantro and Cheddar US Chicken Roulade with Wild Mushroom

By: Ong Tao Posted: July-16-2008 in
Ong Tao

This dish is a combination of Western and Asian flavours featuring poultry and vegetables. This cilantro and cheddar US chicken roulade with wild mushroom jus is high in fiber and vitamins.

The dish was created by chef Binh during the last US Food and Wine Festival at the hotel. Binh is a master of Chinese cuisine and his apprenticeship with European chefs can clearly be seen in his use of ingredients, flavours and presentation.

Ingredients: for one portion

Boneless chicken leg 375g (1pc)
Shredded cheddar cheese 15g
Coriander, three bunches (well chopped leaves)

Malaysian Musings

By: Nastassja Handlin Posted: June-18-2008 in
Nastassja Handlin

My usual personal mantra of finding comfort in chaos aside, I am happy to say I will not have to resort to my precious bodily fluid, nor follow in the footsteps of Basquiat, in order to give shape to my thoughts today. It does feel serendipitous to hold a pen in hand. To put more of a context to my surroundings, I am sitting on a rooftop of a hostel; surrounded on one side by the setting sun, while being shaded on the other side by the lush green umbrella of a mango tree. This happy scenario is located in the picturesque mecca of Melaka, Malaysia, where I am currently residing.

Nico Mesterharm - Champion of the Undercurrent

By: Adam Fogarty Posted: May-21-2008 in
Adam Fogarty

Staring across at the rolling currents of the Tonle Sap, we are reminded of the dynamic, sometimes confusing pace of development that Cambodia is going through. The arts are no exception.

According to Nico however, there's method in the madness. "Contemporary art is a marker of development", Nico says. "Expressive art forms are crucial to the development of society, especially in Cambodia where individuals are desperate for a voice. At the Meta House, we foster an environment of self expression and critical thinking which is important for Cambodian society", he adds.

Want to feel like a celebrity? Come to Phnom Penh

By: Alison Posted: May-21-2008 in

One of the great things about living in a bustling, vibrant city is being able to walk around. Cities are home to strange, bizarre, mundane, beautiful stuff. There is nothing quite like popping in your headphones, checking out new neighborhoods, and making a music video in your head. The anonymity of a city has its great charm too. Being able to run errands or go from point A to point B on your own without having to talk to anyone and yet being surrounded by people has a great appeal.

Unfortunately this is not possible in Phnom Penh.

Customer Disservice

By: Saorla Posted: May-06-2008 in

Now I do understand that the customer cannot always be right, but maybe, from time to time, consider the notion that the customer is sometimes right. Too often I hear, "no have" or "cannot". Really? Forgive my scepticism. A lamp shop doesn't have any lamps? A supermarket doesn't have any bread? An internet service provider cannot provide internet service? Eventually I find whatever it is I'm looking for, while the salesperson is giggling with the cashier. I bitch under my breath about service and usually head off for a vodka and soda.

French Cultural Center Holds Hygiene Exhibition

By: Soun Samnang and The Mekong Times Posted: April-29-2008 in
Soun Samnang and The Mekong Times

Garbage and used tissues from roads and restaurants in Battambang province have been recycled into beautiful traditional paintings, sculptures and vases in the exhibition 'Hygiene' by female artist Kchao Touch.

"Irked by the lack of consciousness from Cambodian people about the environment and outraged by piles of papers thrown out without thinking, which affect the hygiene of everybody, Kchao Touch decided to create paper sculptures," said a press release about the exhibition from the CCF.

Non-Smoking Havens

By: Expat Advisory Posted: April-29-2008 in
Expat Advisory

Java Café:
smoking is allowed on the terrace at any time and inside only when a/c is off. No.56, Sihanouk Blvd. 023 987 420

Java Express:
No.56, Sihanouk Blvd. (behind Java Café) 023 987 420

Java Tea Room:
none of these seats will puff with smoke when you perch your behind. No.111, Norodom Blvd. (at Monument Books) 092 451 462

Metro Café:
Non-smoking until 10pm. Corner Sisowath Quay & Street 148, 023 222 275

Café Fresco Riverside:

Miss Landmine Cambodia - "for their own good"

By: EAS Staff Posted: April-23-2008 in
EAS Staff

Take 24 pretty but mainly poor and under-educated female amputee landmine victims from the provinces, get a bunch of foreigners to dress them up, and make them compete in a beauty pageant in which the main prize is prosthetic limbs.

Does that sound acceptable? According to the overwhelmingly male voices backing the project, Miss Landmine Cambodia 2009 is "for their own good".

Pop Star's Moo-ing Protégé

By: Posted: April-21-2008 in

Preap Sovath has backed down on threats of legal action against a farmer who named a stud bull after him, the singer said on Friday.

The nation's most popular singer-actor, 36, had threatened legal action against the owner of a $10 000 Brahman breeding bull named after the sex symbol.

Sovath was quoted in a range of local media to be taking action to protect his wife, who had reportedly become distressed after seeing advertisements offering the services of the bovine Preap Sovath for $100 per mating, with satisfaction guaranteed.

Commitment to Khmer Literature warrants International Award

By: Rebecca Villanedac Posted: April-21-2008 in
Rebecca Villanedac

Upon noticing a lack of Cambodian literature among a Cambodian community in Long Beach, Teri Yamada, a college professor, established the Nou Hach Literary Project - a publishing outlet for Cambodian writers. The project is earning her international recognition through the Jeri Laber International Freedom to Publish Award administered by the Association of American Publishers


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