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Life for a Cambodian Peacekeeper in Sudan

By: Bronwyn Sloan Posted: April-17-2008 in
Bronwyn Sloan

Sitting in his favorite breakfast haunt, savoring real Cambodian rice and chicken and enjoying the company of his three young children he hasn't seen for a year, Major Savouen flips through photos while on brief leave from his tour of Sudan as part of the Cambodian peacekeeping force serving under the United Nations.

Happy Pizza to Lose Its Smile

By: Bronwyn Sloan Posted: April-09-2008 in
Bronwyn Sloan

Cambodia's Interior Ministry has declared a war on drugs – and that means pizza. No, not to order in while they are in a meeting – Cambodia's famous (or infamous) happy pizza may finally have met its Waterloo.

That is if Police General Lou Ramin, chief of the nation's anti-drug squad, has anything to do with it.

This week he proclaimed marijuana as Cambodia's first "total victory" in eliminating a drug from both domestic and export markets, going as far as to call the plant once endemic to Cambodia virtually extinct.

A Lakeside Living Legend

By: Jamie Bennett Posted: April-02-2008 in
Jamie Bennett

All Longtime Lakesiders will have at some stage passed by the big, cream, wrought iron gates that stand tall and strong at the curve of the L -shaped Street 91. Many will have passed through them and some will have even scaled them. Living behind them are some of the luckiest people in the Boeng Kak Lakeside area.

On the other side of these impressive gates are several houses inhabited by expats and locals alike. One house amongst them is of particular interest. It's one of the nicest places in the area - a complete removal from the chaos of Phnom Penh.

Cell Phone Operators Told to Solve Poor Connections

By: Cambodia Press Review Posted: April-01-2008 in
Cambodia Press Review

The meeting was apparently arranged in response to cell phone users' rising complaints over poor connection between 012 line operator MobiTel, 098 line operator Applifone and 016 line operator Telekom Malaysia International, Moneaksekar Khmer reported Saturday.

Presiding over the convention, PMTC Director General Meas Pov said that he has received letters from Applifone and Telekom Malaysia International who claimed that calls made by their clients to MobiTel have not been connected over the past months, wrote local medial NGO The Cambodia Daily Saturday.

Cambodian International Circus Festival: Tini Tinou, 2008

By: Charlotte Lancaster Posted: March-28-2008 in
Charlotte Lancaster

Tini Tinou aims to provide local circus artists the opportunity to interact with and learn from international performers while introducing ordinary civilians to the world of artistic extravaganza. Eight countries, from four continents, will be represented in this year's festival that hopes to attract more than 2000 spectators a day. 200 artists from Australia, Cambodia, France, Germany, Guinea, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam will perform all elements of international circus as well as host creative interactive workshops.

Monkey business in Cambodia

By: Bronwyn Sloan Posted: March-26-2008 in
Bronwyn Sloan

For some crazy reason, foreigners who decide to live in Southeast Asia seem to consistently feel the urge to get a monkey. It's some sort of mark that you have decided to become an official expatriate.

Nearly every long term Cambodian expat I know has had a monkey - usually a macaque - at some point in their stay. They all tell the same stories. Monkeys are lovely to look at, but a nightmare to hold.

Interpol Puts Swedish Abduction Suspect on Most-Wanted List

By: Craig Guthrie The Mekong Times Posted: March-25-2008 in
Craig Guthrie The Mekong Times

Interpol has issued a "red notice" for the father of a young Swedish girl allegedly abducted by him and taken to Cambodia. The girl is also probably still being hidden in Cambodia by her father, the deputy director of Cambodia's Interpol division said Mar 20.

Maria Elfversson, the mother of sixyear-old Alicia Elfversson, last week visited Thailand and Cambodia to appeal for help from the media and the public to locate her daughter. She has said she believes her daughter has been taken to Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam.

ExpatWomen Confession: Retiring Abroad

By: Posted: March-24-2008 in

Retiring overseas is an exciting lifestyle for some. Making sure that it's the right choice for you depends on various factors. For example: how easy is it to adjust in the country that you're planning to move to and/or how good is the support system (medical, friends, contacts etc.).

Mother of missing child finds bittersweet hope, but no Alicia, in Cambodia

By: EAS Staff Posted: March-24-2008 in
EAS Staff

Mother of Swedish missing child speaks exclusively with EAS

For Maria Elfversson, news that her missing six-year old had been seen safe and well with her father just days before she arrived in Cambodia - and had then disappeared once more -was bittersweet.

The distraught mother of Alicia Elfversson, allegedly abducted by her father, says only a mother can understand the relief she felt when she heard recent news of her daughter during a visit to Sihanoukville this week after nine months of waiting.

What color is the wind?

By: Katherine Seat Posted: March-20-2008 in
Katherine Seat

"Ouch!" Kinsmen my husband laughs at my cry of pain. He is the one who is sick, so why am I screaming? And why is he laughing?

He has had a headache for a few days, but that's not the pain that makes me say "Ouch".

To treat his headache he has asked me to " gos khjol" his back. So I'm scraping a small round metal lid up and down his back until his skin turns red, using a menthol rub as a lubricant.


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