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Hooked On Pizza

By: Gene Davis Posted: June-22-2010 in
Pizza Equipment
Gene Davis

Ever since I was a kid growing up in Southern California, my favorite food has been pizza. You know the kind of pizza I mean. Pizza dripping with mozzarella cheese and every topping imaginable. The kind that smells good even two blocks away from the pizza parlor!

Well, today I took a ride into Angeles City to visit a friend of mine. While there, I found that he is selling a complete pizza restaurant full of all the equipment needed to run a business! Everything from ovens, mixers, prep tables, etc etc etc.
Made me ravenously hungry just thinking about all the tasty pizzas and garlic bread that could be made.

I promised my friend that I would write a short article and at the same time list some of the items to see if I might be able to help him get it sold.

I’ll just show the items in a photo or you can always call or text 63-919-9441-671 and hope you all will forgive me for making this such a short post this time. I’m going to get my wife and go get a pizza for dinner. Cant wait any longer---I know you’ll understand!!!

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