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Social Life - Bandah Aceh

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Could anyone summarise the social scene in Bandah Aceh ? Freedoms ? Choices ? Hassles ?

I'm going to be doing some work there shortly.


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Hello Paul

I am based and living in Bali for the last 8 years and though I was recently just off Aceh it was on a boat/surfing safari so I am unable to offer you any info to your questions.
It is all very Muslim population up there so I would guess the entertainment would be limited to certain choices and because it is a very low area (next to none compared to other islands/regions in Indonesia) for Tourism the choices for social activity although could be fun would be very local.
There are many NGO's working up there and they may be the groups to be involved with for social activities.
Having saying all of that, I cannot really say but am interested to hear what you may or may not find out to keep this new subject alive as others may also benefit from sharing info that we do not yet already know.


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