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INDONESIA STOCK EXCHANGE, Tower II, 17th Floor, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Kavling 52-53 Jakarta, Indonesia 12190

Tel 1: +6221-7087-2200
Tel 2: Skype:lsi.admissions
Tel 3:
Email: [email protected]

Located in Jakarta, Indonesia, LANGUAGE STUDIES INDONESIA (LSI)'s step-by-step course program is arguably the most effective scientifcally-based Indonesian language program available in the world today.

LSI offers 6 Bahasa Indonesia courses (Beg–Adv). Instruction is delivered through private tutorial sessions - in Jakarta or Online Worldwide. Students design their own Lesson Schedules, studying as intensively as they wish - from 2 to 13 lessons weekly.

For more information about LANGUAGE STUDIES INDONESIA’s programmes in Jakarta and Online, please visit

Or contact LSI at :
Email : admin [at] languagestudiesindonesia [dot] com
Skype ID : lsi.admissions
Telephone : +62-21 . 7087-2200 (GMT + 7 Hours)



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