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Unlocking the Potential of Offshore Banking


You don't need truck-loads of cash and shadowy third party associates to open offshore bank accounts, but the process does have to be planned carefully to ensure you get the best financial results. Offshore banking is now a legitimate and reputable business and most financial centres offering this facility are tightly regulated to ensure maximum security for investors. Even so, nothing is guaranteed in the world of investment so this is not an undertaking to rush into without researching it first.

Professional Expat Wife Syndrome

Robin Pascoe

“Ladies, I am here today to advise you about the many adjustments you will make when you move overseas with your husbands and become professional expatriate wives. I have been hired by the Corporation because I have extensive experience in this area, so feel free to raise any topic of concern.”

“I have a question,” said one no-nonsense expat wife-to-be. “Why are you a man?”

The male relocation consultant mopped his brow before responding. He had told the Corporation that maybe this wasn’t such a great idea, that wives were not as gullible as they thought.

Cambodia fall 2-1 to Young Lions of Singapore.

Ken Gadaffi

Singapore came from behind to beat Cambodia 2-1 in the second game on Wednesday night to add to the woes of Cambodia in the football event of the on going SEA games.

The Cambodians, who were spanked 6-0 by Indonesia in their first game, took the lead in the 35th minute through a freak looking goal to put themselves int he driving seat after being pegged to their half for much of the first 20 minutes.

What is Re-entry Shock?

Homeward Bound

Re-entry shock is simply the shock of being home. It's the reverse culture shock you experience in your own country when you visit places that should be familiar to you, but aren't; try to interact with people you should feel comfortable with, but don't; or face situations you should be able to handle, but can't. There can be no simpler way to explain it. Re-entry shock is when you feel like you are wearing contact lenses in the wrong eyes. Everything looks almost right.

Hong Kong je t'aime

Tanja Wessels

Whether it’s a stopover or a destination, Hong Kong is not to be missed. Zig zag the city by train, tram, ferry or cable car but be sure to experience even a few of its must-do’s.

Hong Kong is a city unlike any other and one that won me over from the word ‘go’. The sheer number of contrasts that vie for space on its various surfaces is the stuff of magic – which makes my favourite activity here getting lost and then found again.
For those new to the city there are some boxes that simply have to be ticked and for those more familiar with it, the number of quirky chic places and experiences just keep growing.

Here are a few suggestions for a day in Hong Kong, conjured up from my own experiences and curiosity:


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