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Going to Myanmar

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Anybody there in Myanmar that I can have a chay with? need to ask some question.

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Hi Boner, maybe post your questions now as we have shared your request on our facebook page, unless the questions are too sensitive for an open forum that is... Smile

Happy New Year
Team EAS

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Old Far East Hand.
I am interested in opportunities to teach Business English and/or TEOFL anywhere in Burma. Tutoring work preferred.
Any suggestions gratefully received.
Many thanks.

Joined: 26-Jul-11
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Am living in Thailand at present but would consider the opportunity to open a small business in Myanmar - coffee shop etc - and teach English there.

Mawlamyine area is of particular interest...have been there twice now in last c3 years.

Suggestions and advice welcomed. I realise it's ''early days yet'' but things are starting to look very positive now... Big smile

Tony Smile

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I would like to go to moulemein,but rangoon will have to do for now.

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