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Advice on place to live in Vientiane

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Hi there,

My name is Ian Lacey and I will be moving to Vientiane in mid-February with my girlfriend for 1 year. She has a job which will be located on Thadeua Rd in the city.

We will be there for a week prior to her beginning work and in that time want to view accomodation. I have a few questions regarding it:

1) What would be a nice neighbourhood to locate in that would not be too far from Thadeua Rd (walking distance is great but to grab transport aswell is fine)
2) For a one/two bedroom apartment with good living space, what would be the general cost per month?
3) What would be the best internet provider/connection to buy whilst there for the apartment? (A connection without dongle would be best if speeds are good)
4) Can you recommend the best places to search for accomodation? (eg website, rental places, coffee shops etc such as Scandinavian which I heard was good)
5) Any info and advice on hunting for a place would be much appreciated.

Thanks a mill,
Ian Lacey.

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Thadeua road is quite long, so hard to say what the neighborhood is. Not many appartment buildings there.

Appartments are more expensive than houses, because they are all serviced. You may find some starting 200-300 USD/month.

Get internet dongles from Unitel or Lao telecom (3G)

Forget the scandinavian bakery - that's old lonley plant tales. not muchs ads there anymore. Go to and check for appartments. Look in the forum.

There is a facebook group called Vientiane social, join and post there as well.

Good luck and Sabaidee

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Hi Thomas,

Thanks so much for a reply with great info. Delighted to have those sites and they seem a perfect way to search for places once we arrive.

One more question too on language - do you think it better to learn Lao or French while there? As we have a year and I will have much free time, I figure Lao would be the better option to work at for everyday use yet I have a background in French.

Thanks again - much appreciated.

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No reason to learn French at all, few people speak it. Learn Lao or Thai to talk to locals.

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