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Best dentist in HCMC?

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Joined: 1-Oct-08
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Where can I get the best possible dental care in HCMC? Is there anything up to top-notch western standards?

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Joined: 15-Sep-10
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You may visit Westcoast Int. Dental Clinic, they follow all the western standards and dentists are very professional.

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Joined: 26-Jun-09
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I second Westcoast. I have had some major work done there (crowns, implants) and thought they were excellent. This from someone who is sh*t-scared of dentists!

Westcoast International Dental Clinic
Level 1, 71 -79 Dong Khoi, Dist 1
Tel: 84-3 8256777 Fax: 84-38294828
Email: dongkhoi [at] westcoastinternational [dot] com


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