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Namaste Retreat Centre


Namaste Retreat Centre
99X Jalan Raya Desa Kerta
Payangan - 80572

Tel 1: 628123887701
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The Heart Mastery Series moves us from separateness, superiority and fear, into caring, sharing and love, a place we have always yearned to be.

A place which is totally accessible when we know where and how to look.

The Six Heart Virtues - Appreciation, Compassion, Understanding, Forgiveness, Humility and Bravery

But before we can master these wonderful qualities, we have to deal with the one major obstacle that prevents us from expressing the six heart virtues in our daily life and that is?????

Throughout the 3-Day series, we explore the six heart virtues in depth, not just from an intellectual perspective, but from a truly experiential one, where you receive practical exercises and guided meditations to get you to feel in the deepest core of yourself, your Authentic Self.



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