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Myanmar to follow Cambodia’s lead in documenting recent history

Poppy McPherson

Myanmar is in the process of setting up a documentation centre to reflect on decades of human rights abuses. It’s using the records of Toul Sleng prison as inspiration.

When Chit Min Lay first visited Toul Sleng last month, the cramped cells and blood-splattered walls were eerily familiar. It looked just like “his jail”: the concrete box in Myanmar where he spent 14 years as a political prisoner. He saw the photographs of victims, and turned away.

Myanmar's Roadmap to Democracy

Norbert Klein

Developments in Myanmar start to get more and more attention in the international press, and also in what is being reflected into local publications in Cambodia. The Cambodia Daily reported – quoting Reuters: In Burma's Kachin, Suu Kyi Stirs Hopes for Peace for Rebels.

If I had not been in Yangon on 12 February 2012, I would probably not have know that this day was dedicated to an important historical memory: it was the 65th Anniversary Union Day.

Why such selective law enforcement?

Norbert Klein

While I was in Myanmar for a week, there were also the celebrations for the 65th Union Day, remembering events in 1947 which led to independence from colonial rule. In his speech at the occasion, U Thein Sein, the President of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, did not only look back, but also into the future, reflecting the new policies of the new government:

The Magic of Myanmar- Part 1

Tanja Wessels

Republished - Nov 2017

It was a decision based on avoidance. An avoidance of two things: Christmas and Cambodia. The idea of another December 25th with fake snow and Happy Merry Christmas written on every available surface while you felt your skin being fried under the relentless Cambodian sun was enough to prompt the quest for a location far, far away from sweaty Santas. After a bit of geographical and financial arithmetic Myanmar presented itself.

The Magic of Myanmar- Part 2 Mandalay and beyond

Tanja Wessels

(Continued from last week, The Magic of Myanmar Part 1)

Republished - Feb 2012

I’m not sure if it was the suitcase crashing down on my head, or the cold and hunger on the train that did it, but when we arrived at our hotel in Mandalay, the Emerald land Inn, it did indeed feel like we had walked into a giant gem. The room was spacious, comfortable and had a bath. Sold.

The magic of Myanmar- Part 3 Boats, Bicycles and Balloons in Bagan

Tanja Wessels

(Continued from last week- Part 2 Mandalay and Beyond)

Republished - Feb 2012

Super early wake-up calls result in most of the morning resembling an out-of-focus film, and this one was no different. By the time I was able to concentrate I realized that it was dark and cold, and we were sitting on a boat staring at a TV screen playing back-to-back music videos by Boney M. I never remembered them as being such activists, and exactly how ‘far out’ their wardrobes were.

The Magic of Myanmar- Inle Lake

Tanja Wessels

(Continued from last week- Part 4 Trekking into 2010)

Republished Feb 2012

It wasn’t a particularly arduous walk that we faced on our second day of trekking, but having set off at 8am it was with joy that our guide Saw’s words “not far now” were met, four hours later.

A boat was waiting for us at Inde ready to take us to Nyaungshwe where we would be staying during our Inle Lake experience. After so much land it was wonderful to see water!

See you in Myanmar as Games end!

Ken Gadaffi

Another extravagant showpiece was laid on by organizers of the 26th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games with closing Ceremony at Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium in Palembang South Sumatra.
Vice President Boediono said the true winners of the Games were all those participating at the event. He also expressed his condolences to the families of two supporters who died at the soccer final between the host team and Malaysia.

"In the SEA Games, we have showcased our achievements to the Works," Boediono said in his speech.

Myanmar wins Mekong Youth U-21 Football Cup 2011, beating Thailand 2-1


PHNOM PENH, October 16 (Xinhua) -- Myanmar beat Thailand 2-1 in the final of the 1st Mekong Region Youth U-21 International Football Tournament BIDC Cup 2011 at the Olympic Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

During the match, Thailand's Pakorn Parmpak scored one goal in the 40th minute, and in return, Myanmar's Zaw Lin levelled the score in the 42nd minute and Thet Naing scored another goal in the extra time.

At the end, Myanmar beat Thailand 2-1, winning the Cup and 20,000 U.S. dollar award.

Rainy Day in Myanmar

Ei @ it's Myanmar

After hearing all of the opinions from every source of media, he decided to go Myanmar to see with his own eyes and to hear with his ears. So when a holiday season started, he searched until he found a way how to get there. He was George Taylor, a positive thinker who made up his mind to start the adventure, and was now on his way to the former capital city of Myanmar, Yangon. He came to Yangon not only for pleasure, but also to seek the truth.


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