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Jet Set: Yangon

Steve Finch

Myanmar's capital is awakening to an influx of tourists and foreign investment, while getting ready for elections in November.

After boycotts and years of isolation the former Myanmar capital Yangon has seen tourist numbers explode in the past five years as flight connections have risen and travelers look for something new after overdosing on the likes of Bangkok, Phnom Penh and Hanoi.

A Day Trip in Hle Gu

Ei Thwe

Just over an hour's drive from Yangon, a few more kilometers before Bago town, lies an interesting place called Hle Gu township. This is where I made an unforgettable trip, which included a number of outdoor activities and a lot of natural scenery to delight my eyes.

Hle Gu is a farm village teeming with crops like rice, peas, gourds, chillies and some sunflowers.

Myanmar Tea Shops – Where Friends are Made

Ei Thwe

Just like British people love tea drinking, we Burmese people also have a penchant for tea. Teashops are an important and integral part of life in Myanmar.

As a foreigner who first arrives to Myanmar, you will be surprised to see so many teashops in Yangon and almost everywhere in Myanmar. The streets are filled with numerous tea-shops. And surprisingly, most of them are filled up with customers.

The magic of Myanmar- Part 4 Trekking into 2010

Tanja Wessels

(Continued from last week- Part 3 Boats, Bicycles and Balloons in Bagan)

It’s difficult to top hot air ballooning as a mode of transport, after our experience in Bagan I envisioned car and bus trips as a thing of that past. Why deal with insane drivers and potholes when you can jump into a basket and be whisked away in a balloon? Birds never seem to suffer road rage or queues of bumper-to-bumper beaks.

BarCamp in Yangon Burma

Norbert Klein

Barcamp Burma 2010 - Friday, 22 to Monday 25 January 2010

What is a Barcamp?
Barcamp is a technology sharing event where anyone can participate freely and openly. It is a community activity based on collaboration and knowledge sharing, which has become a trend in Web 2.0 era, that is striving to reduce the knowledge gap between peers and between professionals and non-professionals. It is not an event where the rest of you have to listen to one person talking, but an event where you will be able to express yourself in topics concerning related fields, and therefore, will be able to meet and talk with many people. It is not like a seminar, where the direction goes from one to many, but will be going from many to many.

The Press Reported Over Many Years About Aung San Suu Kyi

Norbert Klein

The Mirror, Vol. 14, No. 690

Many news media have one common theme on this Sunday: the release of Aung San Suu Kyi on Saturday, after having been under house arrest for 15 of the 21 years since 1990. Then the National League for Democracy – she was General Secretary of the party – had won 59% of the votes, and should have gained 392 of the 492 of the seats in the parliament of Burma. The power of the military prevented this, and had her isolated. On this Sunday, she was greeted again by a big crowds.

High Time to Revive Myanmar Puppet Tradition

Ei Thwe

History has many marvels up its sleeve. These marvels consist of traditions, monuments, culture and customs. Myanmar people too have been bestowed with numerous customs and traditions by their ancestors. Puppet art is one such tradition which was very famous in 17th and 18th century. During that time, puppets were not only used for entertainment purposes but also as a communication medium for the rural population. Puppeteers were nothing short of national heroes serving a public cause.


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