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Perseverance: An Art Exhibit By Melissa DiVietri

By: Expat Admin Posted: February-21-2018 in
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"Perseverance" - Continuance in a state of grace to the end. from Melisa DiVietri
Exhibit starts on Wednesday Feb Feb 21 at in beautiful Bali. Perseverance is scheduled to runs for 2 - 3 weeks from the 21st, so you should get down there as soon as you can, or you are gonna miss out.
This is a special exhibition as I have been preparing insane abstract art paintings since Nov 2017, also flying pieces from Medellin while I stayed in Colombia. The artist reception will take place on Feb 21 from 6 to 9PM

- you don't want to miss the introduction; as it will be super heavy.... discussing the lost connection from my birth parents to fueling my energy into art at the age of 5 and fast forward to this moment... as a powerful one-woman-show influencer in my industry. Open to the public, no cost to attend - just bring yourself and an open-mind.

Melissa DiVietri, originally from United States of America brings a collection of abstract pieces to showcase at the Crate Gallery. ‘Perseverance’ is the perfect representation that symbolizes the on-going obstacles that Melissa has overcome from past to present.

“Art has a language of it’s own, it is universal. How can such a word have such a broad meaning?” – DiVietri

Melissa’s artwork is a reflection of personal triumphs that have impacted her entire life. When painting, she pushes all of her emotions into each brush stroke creating a compilation of abstractions. Art gives a sense of comfort when she disconnects from the world.

She isn’t proud of her past but understands that her presence is built from what she learned by those experiences. Her biological father was an alcoholic and mother sustained drug abuse; individuals who haven’t been in her life. After endless court battles, she was adopted by her grandparents; whom are the only parents she has ever known.

She persevered fourteen surgeries that left her in a wheelchair with full-body braces until junior high-school. After daily appointments of physical therapy and a mindset that wouldn’t let up, DiVietri fought hard to work her way into a more independent life using crutches as mobility. Always wondering why people would look at her, her mother instilled confidence by saying ‘it is because you are beautiful.’ DiVietri sponged that confidence as a tool for success… and a healthy, positive life.

DiVietri attended Ferris State University to pursue a Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering, Bachelor’s in Business with an emphasis in Marketing and attended Kendall College of Art & Design for Abstract Art. After university, she worked for multiple advertising agencies; Ford, Mazda, Google etc before starting her own social media agency ‘DI Designs Studio in 2015.’ She is currently location-independent while maintaining her agency remotely. After traveling more than 30 countries to study art & work remotely, DiVietri is the definition of ‘no excuses.’

DiVietri is inspired by her hometown, Detroit, Michigan where this city is rising from the ashes. It is the birthplace of techno music, her second love – in life. She housed an art gallery in an abandoned warehouse in Detroit; her first opportunity to showcase her work to the public.

This outlook on life is a reflection to take a few minutes out of your day to appreciate your surroundings… as everything is a form of art.

Perseverance is not giving up. It is persistence and tenacity, the effort required to do something and keep doing it till the end, even if it’s hard.

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