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Goals Setting Masterclass "The 12 hour Transformation"

Venue Tonle Bassac Two
Hosted By Expat Advisory
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Invest in your goals
Scientific research tells us that people who set concrete goals for themselves and act on those goals are often happier and more successful compared to those that don’t. Yet a lot of people spend very little time on formulating their goals. It seems to be a waste of time. Why not just start right away? Because if you travel without knowing where you’re going you will find yourself on a very long road. Maybe you want to finish your study, start your own company, drive a nice car or lose weight? That all starts with formulating a concrete goal.

What is goal setting?
In the 70s a group of 100 fourth year students were asked whether or not they had a written down plan in relation to their career. Of the 100 students, 3% had written down their plan. Twenty years later the same students were tracked down to observe the results. It turned out that the 3% rated their lives as happier than the 97%. The other interesting result was that the 3% earned more money then the 97% put together. There’s not much you can say against that. Bruce Lee wrote himself a letter in 1969 in which he declared that he would be the best paid Asian actor and that he would have $ 10.000.000. Arnold Schwarzenegger had similar goals and wrote that he would one day be a governor and best paid actor. Those goals have become facts.

Conditioned by society: fact or fiction
As children we start of as blank slates. Yet throughout life we are ‘programmed’ by our environment and society to fill certain roles. For example, the role of boy, girl, student, mother, husband, director and so on. We learn to think and act through these different roles. Our perceptions and behaviors are ‘colored’ and conditioned. For the most part this happens subconsciously. Are you truly aware of what is possible for you in life? Do you have it in you to let go of certain thinking patterns and be open for new possibilities?

Dare to Dream
Every human being has unique core qualities. That means you do too. What are they? What are your dreams? What are your ambitions? Where is your passion? What does success mean to you? In order to be successful you have to first look inside. To whom you truly are. Your personal capacities, motivations and power. This is the first step distinguish yourself from others and actually contribute to your personal success, your environment and with that society. In this, you can be very ambitious. Why not? You decide your career and success.

Action, please!
Do you really want to mean something for yourself and others and do you know what you want to achieve? Then you will have to step out of your comfort zone and take action. Because knowledge without action has no value. A wonderful book on the shelf is great. But if no one does anything with knowledge in it, then its just another book on the shelf. It’s the same for your life. If you want to get our whats in it, then the only way to do so is by doing. So get going!

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