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Tim’s Travels - the Shocking Truth

By: Tim Russell Posted: November-17-2011 in
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Tim Russell

Bangkok-based reader Alan West, who works in market research, has been applying his analytical skills to the Come & Go blog and has made a fascinating discovery. He writes:

Dear Tim
Been reading and enjoying some of your blog entries over the past couple of days. Thing is it suddenly hit me this lunchtime just how many times you reference beer! This is just a fraction:
- I was once so drunk I failed to notice the complimentary chocolate on my pillow

- a lot of Beer Lao was consumed

- beer Lao & rice wine, which we are invited to share

- wooden genitalia and free booze

- order a Beer Lao, and wait for the boat to return

- for some beer & food

- washed down with, you guessed it, Beer Lao

- joins us for a few beers

- beer Lao strikes again

- and some beers

- downing copious bottles of the ubiquitous Beer Lao

- stop at the village shop for a cold Beer Lao

- a couple of foreigners drinking beer in their midst

- and a lot of cold beer

- we tested its [the beers] qualities most rigorously

- and the icebox of cold beers

- and the obligatory case of Angkor Beer

- drinking cold beers from our icebox

- washed down with some cold beers

- and more cold beers

- including quite a few beers

- drinking in some of the town’s many bars

- Cheap beer? Check

- washed down with a cold beer or two.

- I’m either jetlagged, tired, drunk or a combination of all three
- where we end up quaffing Beer Lao

- hitting the riverside for beers

- we end up getting drunk again

- stopping for a beer

- after a few beers

- and several more beers

- a colder beer

- sipping cold Tiger on the beach

- I have a beer whilst watching a typically spectacular sunset

- return to Beach Club for a last beachside beer

and it goes on and on…

Yes, it can be revealed - my enthusiasm for travelling is merely a facade to hide my addiction to beer and if I have to travel to the wilds of southern Laos, the backstreets of Madrid or the beaches of Phu Quoc to indulge, then so be it. Without the amber stuff and the creative inspiration it supplies me, Come & Go Vietnam would not exist.

Thanks Alan!


From Tim's Site
Hi! I’m Tim Russell, owner & managing director of Come & Go Vietnam. I started the company in 2009 with a clear mission – to provide fun, original and value-for-money travel experiences in Vietnam for overseas visitors, whether they’re on a tight budget or wanting to travel in the lap of luxury.

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