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Places to eat in Bangkok - Mos Burger

By: Mike Behnken Posted: July-02-2009 in
Mos Burger - Photo Mike Behnken
Mike Behnken

I have a good idea. How about go to Thailand, go to an American style luxury shopping mall, and then eat some Japanese hamburgers? That is exactly what I did when I went to the Japanese burger chain Mos Burger in the Siam Paragon shopping center.

Back in San Francisco, living across the street from a Thai restaurant, eating Thai food more than once a week was completely out of the question. Fast forward 3 months and I live in Bangkok and eating Thai food is a daily occurrence. Sometimes Thai food is on the menu multiple times per day.

Change of Pace
Eating Thai food often makes you crave certain things. For example, while eggs are pretty much served every meal, a good American style breakfast is one thing sorely lacking here in Bangkok. Another thing eating Thai food all the time makes you crave is hamburgers.

Why do hamburger cravings come? Maybe it because beef is never on the menu for any average restaurant. Maybe it is because the most common burger options you see are McDonald’s and Burger King? Whatever the reason Mos Burger was the choice of the day.

Where to find Mos Burger
I forgot to bring my umbrella to my Thai language class so after when it was pouring outside I had to take the BTS somewhere instead of walking home and getting my books soaked. I ended up going to Siam Paragon shopping center. Siam paragon is a giant shopping center which is purported to be the 2nd most luxurious mall in Bangkok. Beleive it or not, this was the 1st time I have went to Siam Paragon which was in effect just like any mall back in the states.

Walk in the Siam Paragon center straight from the BTS exit and take the first escalator you see down. On the bottom floor you will find dozens of restaurants and the “Gourmet Grocery” which is a huge, expensive (for Thai standards) grocery store. Mos Burger is right in the middle. It is surrounded by a fence where you walk in, order, get your number, grab a seat and have your food delivered in a couple minutes.

How was it?
I don’t know whether my ‘burger ecstasy” was from lack of eating burgers which I never ate in the states or what but I thought the standard cheeseburger I had at Mos was one of the best burgers I’ve ever had! It wasn’t too big but it had a delicious flavor.

You can see in the picture a Ahi tuna looking topping on the burger. I’m not exactly sure what it was, I’ll just call it ‘mystery sauce.’ To me it tasted tomato-ish like sloppy Joes on top of a burger which was on top of a onion and mayonnaise mix. All together it was delicious. I have read that Mos Burgers has created a craze in Japan and Asia like the in-N-Out Burger did in the US a few years ago.

Unfortunately I took the salad instead of the french fries so I can’t tell you anything about the fries. The salad was decent, not bad, but nothing to write home about. There was really nothing more to talk about, tasty burgers with quick efficient service.

I spent 139 baht ($4.08) for a ‘value meal’ 1 Mos Cheeseburger (79baht) 1 Mos Salad (49baht) and 1 coke zero (26baht). I was pretty full but I could see people ordering more than 1 hamburger which I think 2 would be the magic number if you were really hungry

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