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Otres Lotus Sanctuary

Since: December-13-2011
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Location: Otres Village, Otres Beach
Otres Mansion is the perfect retreat with the ideal setting of a typical Cambodian village close to the beach, also far away from mass-tourism and bars. Escape from the hot rush without being bombarded. Blissful beaches, scrumptious seafood, sea breeze shacks many activities are all at your fingertips. Otres is the right place if you want just to relax and have peace. Cambodia is a land of beauty, it offers the best of all worlds, breathtaking monuments of the past unfold before your eyes,unspoiled nature is everywhere you turn, and you can experience everything from pampered elegance to the simplicity of local life. Otres Mansion is located in Otres Village, surrounded by lush greenery, nearby is the Temple, the famous Otres Beach, which offers a variety of restaurants and activities including sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, etc. There is also horse riding just a few steps away. Should you get bored, a short ride away is the Chay Kbhal Waterfall for a perfect picnic getaway, also boats are easily hired to take you to some of the many other unspoiled islands nearby.



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