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Wheelchair accessible hotels in HCMC?

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Hi, all... It's funny to be posting on the Vietnam forum when I'm usually on the Cambodia forum!

I was in a serious road accident in Cambodia (Sihanoukville) a couple of weeks ago, and am now in the FV hospital in HCMC. I'll be here for another 10 days or so, and will be in a wheelchair when I leave.

I'd like to stay in the city for a few days before heading back to Cambodia, just to make sure that everything is ok - it's a bit scary to take a fragile body to rural Cambodia, where there is no health care available at all.

My question is whether someone knows of an inexpensive, wheelchair-friendly hotel in HCMC where I can stay. My budget is low to moderate (pref. under 50 dollars a night), which may make the search a bit more difficult.

I have another question, but will post that one separately!

Thanks in advance for any help you may have...

Bonnie Woolley
USA, Paris, Phnom Penh


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