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Vietnam named one of the safest tourism venues

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Vietnam is among the countries and territories recently named to be one of the safest destinations for travellers by Aon, the world’s second-largest insurance broker, according to BBC.
Claire Boobbyer, a tourism writer for the Footprint Travel Guides, has expressed her special love for Vietnam, BBC said, adding that plenty of travelers are returning to Vietnam to soak in the spectacular scenery and culture.

The country is on its way to being as much of a destination as neighboring Thailand, BBC said.

But Boobbyer said Vietnam "is really more interesting."

"The environment captivating and the food is divine. I think it's the best food in the world. The smells, the sounds, the sights - it's far more interesting than Thailand," she remarked.

Earlier, the Conde Nast Traveller magazine had devoted an entire edition to Vietnam entitled "Good afternoon Vietnam". Vietnam is "a land that has unified not only north and south, but an honored past and a rich future,” the paper said.

Miss Boobbyer agrees, saying that the nation has embraced tourism, and that navigation of the cities and countryside in English isn't as challenging as one might expect.

"[Vietnam] has a good background in the service industry… There is a good range of services for tourists, from high-class hotels to backpacker's hostels,” Boobbyer remarked, stressing that she was “amazed for what you could get on a budget."

There were nearly 300,000 visitors flocking to Vietnam in March alone, according to figures on the official tourism website.

In the first three months of 2005, there were nearly 900,000 tourists in the country, a more than 20% increase from 2004, it also said.

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Having been there twice this year I can say I love Vietnam.

The food is, for my tastes, the best in the world. The traffic is not so good but for most things, the price is right.

The scenery is beautiful and the shopping is plentiful. It is well worth a trip... especially if you have a local guide.

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Many thanks for this information :mrgreen:


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