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Moving - what to bring

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Could someone please give advice (or post a link) about what to bring/not to bring to Vietnam (Hanoi) when setting up a house (little luxuries that make living overseas that little bit more comfortable)?

It may seem like a naive question, but my husband and I moved to India some time ago and took all shorts of useless things with us - things we thought would be impossible to find there but were readily available. We also neglected to take some things that we later wished we had. I know Vietnam is changing and becoming more cosmopolitan on a daily basis (and Internet shopping is easy), but I'd like to know what you kicked yourself for bringing/not bringing over with you.

We have holidayed in Vietnam on 3 occasions, but obviously weren't looking at things from an expat point of view.

Note: We have a 5 month old baby.


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You can get most things, it's just the odd food stuff that I miss and can't get very easily. Next time I go to the UK I will be bringing enough gravy granules, stuffing mix and decent teabags back with me to last a nuclear winter.

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I suggest: Clothes (not a lot of big-size clothes in Vietnam), Odd food like zipfish said
For setting up a house, furniture are pretty cheap here but they may lack certain cooking equipment, especially Western style. I love to cook so I cannot leave without my favorite knife and wok.


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