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missing dalmation - please help

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My much loved Dog Boo the dalmation has gone missing here in HCMC. We live in District 9, but i guess he could be anywhere now.

He is 4 years old, male, and well, naturally white with black spots! he has been missing 2 days, and i will pay anything to get him back.
Please People, when you are out and about keep your eyes peeled. We have gone to the police, we have tried pet street in district 10, we have asked all around the area, we have posted flyers. No results.

So out of desperation i am posting this here, hoping one of the members may just be able to help return him. I can be reached on 0903 306 061

If you see a fully grown dalmation for sale, if you see a dalmation looking out of place, please call. cheers Nathan

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