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International Choir of HCMC needs singers and musicians

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The international choir is about to start its next season and we're looking for new singers for all parts (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) AND we want to hear from any musicians that play an orchestral instrument to help form our very own ensemble!! Our new choir members night is on Monday 17 August, with regular choir rehearsals starting back on Monday 23 August, to prepare for our Christmas concerts around 3-5 December. Some information for both singers and players is included below, along with contact details...

If you can hold a tune and have some notion of rhythm and preferably can also read a little music (not mandatory) we'd love to see you at the new choir members meeting and auditions on Monday 17 August at 7.30pm at the British International School (BIS) at 43 Tu Xuong St, District 3. The audition is not a scary nor rigorous process - just a couple of minutes to ensure you can sing some notes that are played to you, maybe up and down the scale a bit to figure out your voice range, clap a rhythm, and sing any 30 seconds of your choice of a song. Regular rehearsals commence every Monday night from Monday 23 August at 7.30-9.00pm also at BIS in D3. For more information about singing with the choir, see the website at or email Brian, our artistic director and choir master at info [at] hcmcchoir [dot] com - the choir rehearses every Monday night at the same address, and from late August we'll be doing about 3 months of rehearsals to get ready for our Christmas spectacular... details to follow!

FYI - all our concerts are played to raise money for charities, so we are just a group of enthusiastic amateurs, but now in need of new blood after the usual summer exodus. So, come check it out if you need a new hobby!! We need all voices - sopranos, altos, tenors and basses, so if you are keen to sing, we can probably fit you in somewhere...

If you can play any form of orchestral instrument and would like to be involved in the ICHCMC ensemble, we'd also love to hear from you ASAP at the same email address - info [at] hcmcchoir [dot] com Rehearsals for the orchestra will probably be fortnightly or less often until about one month prior to performance, but we'd like some indication of which instruments we'll have, and of course to provide the appropriate part of the score for your instrument to you well in advance for a little private practice at home. An initial meeting will be arranged with Ian, our orchestral conductor, once we have names, so please leave an email address and a phone number in your message - thanks! More regular rehearsals will start in November, for about 4-6 weeks prior to the Christmas concerts, which occur in early December (dates to be confirmed but 3rd-5th most likely)... so please write to Ian or Brian and let us know you are interested! Again, email Brian or Ian at info [at] hcmcchoir [dot] com or see the website at or call Brian, our artistic director on 0909 283 670


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