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Free Vietnamese class for foreigners speaking english

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Dear all
Due to my patriotic feeling and purpose to create a class in which we learn and share culture and help each other to become more vietnamese. I do open a vietnamese class for those who first come Viet Nam, and want to stay for a long time. Then, you can register now. The class is totally free, and opened every weekends.

Anyone who is interested, can comment below, and drop your information for starting up a class soon.

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I am coming to Ho Chi Minh in Dec. and I am Staying until Jan. I would be very interested in taking such a class. I have been trying to learn from cd's and books, but is very hard by self.
Please let me know where , when.

Thank You

Daniel R

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Hello, My children and I will be spending 3 months in S.E. Asia this fall (September-November 2010). I haven't quite decided how I want to split up my time yet, However I know I'd like to spend time in HCMC. One of my priorities is to get my son who is 12 yrs. old to learn some Vietnamese. I was there in 1997 and fell in love with Vietnam. I didn't learn very much Vietnamese while I was there and have always regretted it. Please let me know if you are still doing your classes. I'd very much like to make the the most of my time there. Thank you, Autumn Big smile

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Hi Nora, can you tell me more if the class is still open? I am Vietnamese, but i wanna join in so can i?


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