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Finger Paint recipe

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You may remember I have been scouring for preschool art and craft materials which are VERY difficult to find in Phnom Penh. I did, however, find this marvellous recipe for Finger Paint which I have used and found excellent. You can also add it (without the food colouring of course) to ordinary paint to make it go that little bit further, or use it as paper glue for paper mache. Anyway - here it is

3 parts water (3 cups)
1 part cornflour (1 cup)
food colouring

Bring the water to the boil in a saucepan.
Remove from heat.
Dissolve the cornflour in a little water and add to the hot water, stirring constantly. Boil until clear and thick (about one minute).

To make the finger-paint, you add the desired food colouring. The mixture is very smooth, and is fantastic for the kids to use when still warm to touch. If you have it, a tablespoon of glycerine can but added to make it glossy... but where can you get that in Phnom Penh???

It needs to be stored in the refrigerator as it will go off in this warm weather.

Hope some of you get as much fun out of as we did!


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