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Dog owners group in Saigon

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Since we enjoyed a Saturday dog owners meeting in Cambodia, I am thunk about to have something like this in Saigon. I started a dog owners group on facebook. If you are already in the Vietnam network on Facebook, you can join this open group just with a mouse click. The intention is to share information, creating events, maybe organizing a dog owners meeting.

My experience since we are in Vietnam is that its hard to find a place where dogs can run around and socialize with other dogs.

So please join the facebook group


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Dear Thomas,

Have you organised dog owner meeting in Ho Chi Minh city? I have just got back to Vietnam from the UK. I am a vet fromt he University of Bristol, England. Could you please tell me if the dog owner meeting in Saigon has been runing on? I would like to join.

All the best



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