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Attention Actors - casting call

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Attention Actors - casting call
I am now starting the casting for my short movie (15min) “The Drop of Water”, which shooting will take place in Hanoi in March/ April 2009.

1. Main character: we seek a Vietnamese man, about 50>60 years old, brown or grey hair (the hair might not be short cut).
We are looking for a very special face, marked by time, who can play a widow.
No need to be professionnal. English or French spoken would be great.
Payment offered.

2. We seek a Vietnamese man, about 18>25 years old. In order to play a young and very vietnamese fashion style waiter.
English or French spoken would be great.

Ps: Any help and support will be welcomed! If you are interested please call us!


Eloise Sohier: 01214853137 / eloisesohier [at] gmail [dot] com

Hung: 01234284847 / Tranhugn [at] gmail [dot] com


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