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Why share a flat?

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I am wondering why anyone would want to put them through the ordeal that is flat sharing in a country where rent is still - relatively - cheap?

Notes on the fridge door about pilfered milk and butter is not how i like to start my day, Id much rather luxuriate on my balcony, loving the freedom of living alone, rather than having to deal with some mardy flatmate.

Each to their own and shoot me down, but in a nation as littered with every blend of pyshchotics as Cambodia, I wouldnt take the risk - particulary as its known that long-haired, and chubby, non-governmental orginization workers tend to bring their ivory towers home for tea too....

One bedroom studios are available from about 120$ in PP.

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Psychotic or not, not everyone steals the milk and butter like you do. Laughing out loud Laughing out loud

When deciding to share or not, you're trading off freedom & control over your living space vs a different kind of social experience when living in a shared place. If you find the right person/people to live with who are easygoing and don't stress the little things, then it can be really great - I've had great housemates here in Phnom Penh who are close friends.

Some people prefer living in a bigger place than a studio apartment, which is very affordable if you are sharing, and still gives you room to have your own private territory so you're not in each others' faces. It can also be fun to have a social group at home, share cooking meals and a bottle of wine in the evening, or a morning coffee.

So really, it comes down to your preferred lifestyle while you're here.

Why don't you try it some time? You may like green eggs and ham!

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I had a flatmate for a while.It was shocking,he was a pain.
Luckily now he has gone and my girl and me have a wardrobe,a bed and a toilet and shower each-very civilised.
The days of sharing went out in the seventies,surely.
Remember the young ones???


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