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Two individual rooms available in shared flat behind Royal Palace (street 19)

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Two large bedrooms are available (one from 1st of March. Other from 10th of March) on a friendly side-street to street 19, right behind Royal Palace and just a few steps away from popular street 240, filled with popular bars, restaurants and shopping possibilities.
The rooms are placed in a large open apartment shared with two other great roommates. The living room area is charming and opens op into a yard with plenty of room for bikes and motorbikes. The whole apartment (including the bedrooms) is fully furnished.
The kitchen is large and functional, with all the necessary amenities. The two rooms share a bathroom, where the shared washing machine also is placed.
The common area (including bathroom) is cleaned two times a week and there is wifi available in the entire apartment. In the common area tv, dvd-player, a large movie and book collection is also available.

The smallest room is 100 $ per month (available 1st of March), the larger 120$ (available 10th of March)

All other bills (electricity, water, internet and cleaner) normally sums up to around 20 – 30$ per person per month.
Contact Tanja or Gab if you want more information or wish to come by and have a look.

Tanja: tsrosenqvist @ +855 89760083
Gab: gabrielleclare @ +855 979250106


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