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Is there a quiet part of PP I should know about.?

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We are soon to be moving to PP and are looking for a place to live.

Could someone reccomend a quiet side of town where you cant hear the neighbour snore or there late night chatter.
Cars and bikes screaming around for no apparent reason and dogs chickens and cats are someone elses problem.

This may sound like a tall order but Im sure there is somewhere out there I just need to get pointed in the right direction.

Or maybe someone has a great appartment and are moving out soon (end Feb)


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I asked the same Question of my wife when I moved here years ago and got taken out to Toul Kork. It is quiet but a million miles away from anywhere. Phnom Penh house hunting is like playing the lottery. You can find a very quiet apartment in the busiest part of town or move into what seems like a very hush hush place only to find that at night two Maltese terriers start yapping non stop.

I hope your numbers come up !

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I live in Charmkar Morn City which is a housing complex at the bottom of Norodom Blvd the Vietnamese Bridge end, quite near to Basac Gardens, I am always relieved when I cycle back into this complex of houses because the noise from the street just disappears.
Some nights there may be a house having a barbecue, the children who live in the houses play out and laugh and make a bit of noise but by about 8.00pm every night everything just goes quite, I worry if I have the TV on too loud because it is so quite. During the day it is very quite too. It is not just expats living in this housing complex, there are Khmer, Indian, Australian, English, German etc etc so there is a big mix and it does not feel like we have 'escaped' to be with our own nationalities.
Most of the time I have found that Cambodian people turn in early and most places are quiet by about 8-9.00pm, nearer to the bars and restaurants this may be another matter entirely.

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If you want to be anything close to centrally located you'll have to deal with a little bit of noise. Our place (Street 246) is relatively quiet - you can hear a couple of children playing during the day but mostly only in the morning, you can barely hear traffic during the day as it is a small street and the neighborhood is virtually silent after 8:30 PM. All of this PLUS we're in walking distance to many shops, grocery stores, restaurants and a nice park.

Certainly no chickens, neighbor's snoring, karaoke or late night chatter.

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Thanks for the feed back.
I am looking for a place in the next two months where the rent manageable and the its quiet.
Is there anything in these areas that you have seen or maybe can recommend, we are looking for something min 2 bed with maybe a small office space, or a 3 bed and convert. I work form home, my wife will be working near the monument in the center of PP.

Thanks again for this information..Dave

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What is your budget? I found a three bedroom place for $750 in a good/central location. Very close to Independence Monument. It's on the middle floor of a 3 storey house. It is part of a villa, not a shop house. Can't vouch one way or another for the noise.

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DO you have any more details for us..?
That is still in my budget.



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