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Terrific Place for Rent in BKK2

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Available in October! Lovely Khmer-style budget 2-BR apartment in BKK2: you can rent either whole flat or an individual room.

The apartment is bright, sunny, and spacious, and has a nice terrace with a view. Both bedrooms have air-con, and one has a private bathroom. There is a safe place to store bikes and motos, and also a washing machine, hot water, and internet. The apartment is nothing fancy, but cozy and pleasant and exceptionally good value for central Phnom Penh. The apartment rents for $270/month (or individual rooms for $145 / $125) plus bills (internet, cleaner, water, and electricity at local rates).

The apartment shares an entrance, terrace, spare room for guests/hanging laundry, and a few other features with the apartment downstairs, where a woman lives with her toddler and affectionate pet cat (who freely roams both flats). On the nights when her nanny cooks dinner, a $3 contribution towards groceries will also get you a delicious home-cooked meal. And if you like to cook yourself, you have access to her bread machine and oven.

To come have a look, please email cm2530 [at] columbia [dot] edu, rebekka [dot] diebold [at] googlemail [dot] com, and Poenisch [at] students [dot] uni-marburg [dot] de. We would prefer a candidate who can stay at least six months.


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