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SWF looking 4 a $700 2 bedroom flat (MORSS standards)

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i just arrived in phnom penh and am looking for accomodation.

this is what i need:

independent flat
(no shared anything = no shared entry or entry operated by someone else's standards, i need to be totally free to come and go as i please!)
$700 rent

furnished (beds and white goods will suffice)
2 separate bedrooms
a GOOD & TILED bathroom => a place where taking a shower is a treat, no hassle, enjoyable, not scary, with a good shower head and so on.
not a place where the bathroom is dark, gloomy, rotten, with a shower space so small that you have to be a darts champion to aim in, not a place with no air where it all turns humid and damp and so on.
no ground floor
has to comply to the MORSS standards : well lit, solid gate with barb wire on top if in a house, bars on windows, solid doors (no plywood), fire security with extinguishers, are all minimum requirements
in a safe neighborhood, i.e. in BKK or river front, but not around the central market, not around Tonle Bassap, not around Boeng Kak lake. call me a whimp but i am not here to suffer, i am here to work and want to do so in conditions suitables to spare me and preserve my safety as a single white female.

i am looking to move in at the end of May or on June 1st, but no later than that and for a 6 or 12 months contract at first.
i don't have a phone yet but will update the post with my phone number once i have one.
reach me here or via private message or email for offers or tips or comments.

thanks for reading!

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Whats MORSS?
How about a competition anthony for the best/funniest answer?

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I think this a perfectly reasonable request from a SWF.

A)Try Art the Homefinder ( google gim
b)I think Cadillac Bar has an apartment for rent on level 3. Riverfront with a view to die for and tastefully furnished etc. No noise from the mostly expat bar downstairs at all and separate rear entrance.
c) Want to try the REAL Phnom Penh ? Consider Toul tom Pong. It is almost completely yuppy free and no hassles from tuk tuk drivers. You will get a villa for that price.


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Joined: 14-Nov-07
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Almost completely yuppy free?
Yeah the only yuppy I know of there is the kid.


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