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Short Term Room/Apartment Needed for One Month from Around October 5th - Phnom Penh

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Hi all. My partner and I will be heading to Phnom Penh for around one month at the end of the week. We'd happily stay in a guesthouse during our stay, but if anyone has an apartment or large bedroom they're willing to let out short term we'd love to hear from you.

We've been to Phnom Penh once before but it wasn't much more than a flying visit so we're not all that familiar with the town. We're looking for somewhere with good wifi (I work online) and aircon (spoiled, decadent westerners are we) with easy access to the city's night life.

The cheaper the better, but since we're coming from Bangkok I'm sure we'd have to move into the Royal Palace to pay more than we're paying here Smile

Us: 31yo Englishman & 26yo Mongolian. Reasonably clean and quiet, looking to relax and enjoy a beer a few times a week during our stay.

Thanks Smile

p.s You can contact me by email at sortapundit [at] hotmail [dot] com if you prefer.


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