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short term / long term service apartment / room aviaible immediately

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We have a beautiful western design house in Boeng Trebek which is about 10 minutes from BKK1 and the Russian market. We have a furnished 2 bedroom apartment with kitchen and big balcony and 2 single rooms. Each room comes with a queen size bed, cupboards and attached bathroom.

Our home is quite big with lots of space and its well kept and quiet with a nice potted garden.
Its a beautiful property with a fully equipped kitchen, dining room,large living room and lots of parking space. There is a huge open attic and a very nice balcony on the 2nd floor, great for sitting out or for a cool party.

Its very secure house,with a high wall all around, the owner is a well known, very senior police officer. The neighborhood is very lively with its own sub commune. Its a dead-end road and there are no noisy mini-factories nearby. we have dogs, that bark if there is anything suspicious.

There are motos and tuk tuks available just round the corner, and lots of shops and small restaurants in the neighborhood.

The house has 2 fast wifi, we have never had an internet cut for more than 2 years. Our maid will clean your room and do your laundry and change your sheets.

Rent will include wifi, electricity, water,garbage collection and bottled drinking water, All you need is to pay fixed monthly rent of USD 280 per month (small room), or USd 350 (big room) or USd 500 (2 bedroom apartment).
There is a very nice Sport & Fitness center, with a gym,an adult 25 meter pool, dance studio, etc. just 5 minutes from our house.

This house not suitable for those on a tight budget or wanting to be near town center, nor someone who wants to have a party house.

Call or email me and I will send some pictures of the rooms.

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I'm interested in renting the room from May 29th to August 8th. I won't arrive in Cambodia until the 27th. Could I see the place on the 28th?

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hi Jessica,
sure you can come and look at my place and decide!
if you send me your email address,I send you some pictures of my place!
My email address is rubenmahendran [at] gmail [dot] com
hope to hear from you soon!


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