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Searching for apartment / small villa to rent for long term (5-10years)

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Hi everybody!

I'm looking for apartment / small villa or facilities / loft to live in Phnom Penh....that I could rent for long term (5-10 years) for small price.
It can be empty, with no furniture, with no painting or floors and any other interior finishing... I would do renovation and reconstruction by my self.

Main requirements:

1) good location (not on loud street, but safe district)
2) light - big windows (or with possibility to enlarge existing)
3) high ceiling (Colonial / Chinese old style building preferred)
4) secure parking for car & bike.

(it can also be a small villa with garden territory)

It should be a good longterm deal for somebody...

Rental price/budget - depends of facilities..

Thank you in advance!

for information and proposals please write to: popartment [at] gmail [dot] com


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