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I have a very nice apartment that I would hate to give up. Initially, I was living with a flatmate but since he moved out I had to cover the rent by myself and I don't feel like paying for an extra room that I don't need. I will also be off to Spain for 2 months (April & May) for language study and vacation, so you will have the place by yourself, but no worries I will still cover my part while I'm gone.

The apartment is brand new, fully furnished, new fridge, new stove & oven, new beds, new closets, new Samsung flat screen TV, two bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 3 bathrooms. The place is very secure and quiet. The gates will always be opened by someone until 10pm, where you have to open the gates yourself. All renters are multinationals.

Preferable roomates: Male or Female 20-35

Myself: I'm 27 yrs. old Male and a Manager for a company. But don't be afraid by my title, I'm very easy going, I basically get along with anybody. And I make great Pasta!

The rent is $580/month plus $40-50 utilities, divided in half it comes to $290 each plus $20-25 utilities

Address: #476 (next to sokimex gas statation), Sangkat Beoung Trabek, Monivong Blvd.

Contact me: sokunthearit [at] yahoo [dot] com OR 012 783 083
Visits: I'm available mostly weekends but will make exception if I'm not busy at work.

Come and check it out as ASAP, preferably before the end of February.

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We're two female medical students. We are in Cambodia to do a three month internship. Right now we are in Siem Reap for a period of six weeks. After that we are coming to Phnom Penh, this from 15 February till end of March. We're looking for one room with two beds. Your appartment seems very nice.

Your ad sounds like music in our ears.

We're from Belgium, 24 years old, and very funny. Your manager title doesn't scare us. Besides look at the bright side: you might need some medical assistance!

We know it's only for six weeks but still we hope you will seriously consider us.

Thank you

Katrien and Ariane

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Hi Katrien and Ariane,

I am glad you are interested in my apartment. It would be nice to have two future doctors living in my place. As you were saying, I'll never know when I'll need medical assistance, but I hope it doesn't come to that.

So you are free to check out the place when you are coming to Phnom Penh. Just give me a call and we'll arrange a meeting!

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My name is Erin & i'm a 24-year-old Aussie coming to Phnom for an internship for at least 3 months. Your apartment sounds great, but I can't work out where exactly it is (haven't quite grasped Phnom Penh maps yet), is it the northern or southern end of Monivong?

I'll be arriving in PP very early March and will be looking for a place straight away, so I wouldn't be able to look at it until then, but from your description it sounds great. Is is A/C?

Hopefully will hear from you soon,

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Hi Erin,

You are more than welcome to check out the place. My place is on the southern end of Monivong about 50meters from the Royal University of Law and Economics. The Room is equipped with a new A/C and a big ceiling fan.


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