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room available for 170$/month in Toul Kork area

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Flat share room available from 15 February 2014 onwards in Toul Kork area for 170 USD/month (incl. water, electricity and wifi!)

You will share a very nice apartment with stunning people. There is Lea. She is quasi the boss at home. Don’t get any wrong impression of her because she is a tiny person. Instead she is a very strong woman. Lea speaks 3 different languages fluently (English, French and Khmer). In the morning you will be treated to a very lovely cup of Vietnamese coffee and some pineapple juice if you like. Most of the time, you will get Khmer dinner with French influences. Honestly, Lea is a brilliant chef! Besides Lea, there is her German boyfriend Henrik. He looks after the organization of matters at home. Both Lea and Henrik love outdoor-activities. They might ask you out if you like outdoor climbing. There is also Michel, Lea’s son. For a 10 year old boy, he is pretty clever. I’m sure you will understand him well. Michel is an easy-going and down to earth kid. Last but not least there is Lea’s sister, Pisai. Pisai has a lovely character. She helps her older sister around the house.

Description of location Lea’s apartment is on street 112, E37. There is a market not far away. There are also many restaurants on this street. For instance, there is a very good Korean restaurant and many restaurants serving local cuisine. Three supermarkets serve this area. When travelling on the bicycle, you will only need 10 minutes to get to the Central Market and 15 minutes to Riverside area. If you’re interested in renting this room, please let me know. I’ll connect you with Lea.


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Hey if its still available I am interested PLEASE email me sugarr80p [at] aol [dot] com thanks.

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Hi, if this room is still available, I love to apply to stay here. I'm a half-French half-Chinese university student and I'll be living in Phnom Penh from mid-May to late-July.
You can reach me at americanfreewriter [at] gmail [dot] com.



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