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Phnom Penh, $110 per month Large Room in Apartment in BKK2

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LOOKING FOR: roommate for Large Room in Apartment in BKK2
I AM: roommate leaving--Rod 078 240 260
PROPERTY HAS: 3 bedrooms/ 2 bathrooms, 2 floors on 1st storey of apartment building
PERIOD: available afternoon of October 15th
PRICE: $110 per month + Elec., Wi-Fi, Cleaner (around $35 per month)
LOCATION: BKK 2 (near Tuol Sleng), Street 348 near Street 163
DESCRIPTION: 2 easygoing, busy roommates, Has balcony, washing machine, cleaner twice a week, Wi-Fi, Hot Shower, large gas stove, safe place for moto parking, air-conditioning in room, nice view from balcony on quiet street. Rod 078 240 260 or PM me

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