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One rommate needed, (seventy dollars) 70$/pers/month in a charming house with garden

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A room available in the house where I live with 4 other roommates, it's a lovely villa (2 floors) located in south of PP (Chbar Ampeov district). Close to Bvd. Monivong and Norodom & Road 271 (5 minutes by motorbike)

Located close to countryside, it offers possibility of cycling and also fishing in the Bassac and the Mekong, 5 minutes from each river.
The neighbors are super friendly and there are small shops nearby the house.
The place is very quiet and very pastoral with a lot of fruit trees, a big garden around the house and a rooftop with panoramic view.

The house is equipped, well designed and perfectly proportioned: 5 bedrooms (3 with bathroom) +1 shared bathroom, 2 living rooms, kitchen, terrace with bar, safe place for moto/bicycle, garden shed, barbecue.
There is also a private field behind the house (2000m2) reachable via a narrow path.

The total rent of the house is $ 350/month so it’s ONLY $ 70/month per roommate; don’t hesitate to quickly have a look!
(Approximately $ 10/month for water + electricity)
- Couples, children, animals are accepted -

Cedric: 078 567 498 or cedmosnier [at] yahoo [dot] fr
Tobias: 097 261 78 75


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