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Moving to Phnom Penh

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Hi there,
I'm moving to Phnom Penh in about a month. I have seen a lot of the posts about finding apts to rent and know that the best way to find a good place is to check them out when i get there.

I just wanted to get a heads up on some details about the city : Each area seems to have its own name, such as BKK1, KCKM, etc. DOes anyone have a link to a map which shows the areas of the city according to these names? It will make it much easier to at least narrow down where i would like to live.

I am also contacting some realtors so that I can have some places lined up when i reach, does anyone know of any good reliable agents? i have checked out angkor real estate, but thats about it.

Also, the sreviced apts on EAS all seem a bit pricey, does anyone know of any cheaper ones? Or will the rates be the same across the board?

Am super excited about moving to PP!


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Hi ambs12, welcome to the forums.

When it comes to choosing a place to live in Phnom Penh, location is not as important as it is in other big cities. Phnom Penh is not a huge place, and you can still get from one side of it to the other in 20 minutes at most times of the day.

I chose PP properties based on the property itself, the neighbors, and above all, the landlord. Nightmare landlords are, well, a nightmare.

I'd also recommend staying clear of real estate agents here, the vast majority of them are just scammers looking to make a quick buck, and even the genuine ones are very overpriced. The best way to find a place here is to take a moto tour of the city, and keep an eye out for houses with a sign containing a phone number, there are lots of them and they are all up for rent. Call the number, arrange an appointment, and let nature take it's course.

Hope that helps.

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Here are a few tips out of the ordinary.

Check for ;

+Construction sites next door or across the road
+Churches / Houses of Happy Clapping ( Sundays are reserved for hangovers not listening to rock bands belting out hymns)
+Excessive street dogs ( visit at night )
+ West facing apartments ( the heat will kill you )
+ Nigerian neighbours ( enuff said )
+ Large Genset boxes on the road outside ( noisy )
+ Steelworks factories (noisy)
+ Common entry shop houses ( no privacy )


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Here it is:



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wow, thank you all of you for your help! it definitely gives me something to start with Smile i'm sure you'll be hearing more from me soon!

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i can also do you a super good deal on these serviced studio apartments...

ahh life on the river front Laughing out loud


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