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Looking For Short Term Apt. June-September ($400-$600)

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I'm looking for a short term let between the 15th June - 11th September. I have an internship agreed and would like to rent an apartment for the time frame. The only thing I would really like included in the price is utilities - setting up internet, electricity, water etc. seems a little too time consuming for such a short stay. Pictures would be appreciated!

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We have a beautiful western design house in Boeng Trebek which is about 10 minutes from BKK1, its very close to the Russian market.

We have a single room (usd 250) and a another bigger room(350) for rent, Each room has it own hot-water bathroom and air conditioner.

The rent is inclusive of laundry, cleaning, fast wifi, cable, water and electricity.

Our home is big well kept, lots of space and quiet. (we not much of party crowd).
Its a beautiful big house with a fully equipped kitchen, with cooker, oven, etc and lots of parking space. There is a huge open attic and a very nice balcony on the 2nd floor.

Its very secure house, the owner is American Khmer, who is a well known senior police officer. The neighborhood is very lively with its own sub commune. There are motos and tuk tuks available just round the corner, and lots of shops and small restaurants in the neighborhood.

Its not suitable for those on a tight budget or wanting to be near town center, or someone who wants to have a party house

I can send some picture of the rooms.
Please drop me an email and we can discuss further.

Ruben Mahendran

+ 855 012225079 (Cambodia)
+ 855 086225079
+ 6016 2474645 (Malaysia)

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I might have what you're looking's very central. St.214 very near German Embassy [dot] cristine [dot] masters [at] gmail [dot] com

Let me know!

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Google doc with apt images

Cozy, Bright 2 BR, 2 BA Apt with balcony, secure parking, central, Western style, good landlord for June - Sept 2013 Sublet $450/month, ~$40 utilities

-Has all bed clothes, plates, dishes, pots & pans needed

-Within walking distance to Lucky on Sihanouk, good access to BKK1, Olympic
-Near Cuban & German Embassy

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