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Looking for an apartment to rent in Phnom Penh

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Hi there -

Preferences about the apartment: secure, central, quiet, and private
Budget range: lower end

About me:
- In Cambodia since March 2007, and for a foreseeable future
- Professionally: currently starting up my own organization
- Character: often described as an ideal and easy-going tenant
- Reasons for moving: Currently renting a single space for both office premises and residence, and wishing to decouple both purposes

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Many thanks,


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I'm leaving my apartment of May 8th - are you interested? It's a very nice, light bright 2 bedroom apartment each with their own bathrooms. It's nicely furnished and has a fairly large L shaped living room with a galley kitchen in the small part of the L. It has a small balcony which partly overlooks a neighbouring garden and coconut tree.

The apartment is on the middle floor of a small block of three and is off the road but is very secure. It also DOESN'T suffer from power cuts. It's near Build Bright University and so is a pretty convenient location.

There is ample parking for motos.

I've been here for nearly 2.5 years and loved it.

I pay $350/month + $30 for the maid, $10 for TV, $5 for water, $5 for rubbish. If I'm not using air-conditioning, then the electricity is about $35

I am NOT the landlady - but if I can introduce a new tenant it may help me get my deposit back.

Contact me on 012 385 781, if your interested.

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My company has just invested the building for apartment with one, two and three bedroom apartments. The three bedroom apartment on the top floor, 8th floor(penthouse) is the one that you can consider because it is the apartment that you can have both premuim office (around 90sqms) and three premuim bedroom apartment.
Affordable price included water, cable TV, Garbage collection, cleaning, internet.
Contact Rentals 012 683 590
Email: vtp [at] vtrustproperty [dot] com


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