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Housemates wanted in beautiful wood/concrete house

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Hey all,

We are currently looking for two housemates, if possible female and having contracts with local/international NGOs, to fill in the space. Two of our housemates have ended their contracts and their rooms are available on the ground-floor.

The house:

A beautiful traditional/modern house on the south side of mao tse toung, very next to Russian market and easy access with 5 bedrooms, a big living room, dining, kitcken, annexed toilets, and the pride of all, a great balcony space for parties, chilling and generally appreciating the big garden space surrounding the compound.

The rent (elec, water, cleaner and guard inclusive) varies from 160-180 dollars/month.

Please contact Yuma at +855121995096 for further information.

P.S: We also have two guard dogs and two adorable, clean and cool cats. Hope you don't mind the family Wink


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How did you go with renting the rooms, guys?

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Hey Renters
We have not yet filled the last room in our house and Yuma (contact in original add) is currently out of the country. So if anyone is still looking please call Toby on +855 (0)92 528 671.


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I know several private sector males looking but they don't meet the sexualist and racialist and sectoralist requirements so .....



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