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Housebroken writer needs new apartment

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I'm presently living near Olympic ($200 apartment), but noise levels (construction, dogs) necessitate a move.

I want to go closer toward the river area. It doesn't have to be right near Riverside - anywhere east of Tuol Sleng or St 113-ish would be fine.

I need either a small apartment for one, or a share house/apartment/villa with one or more other people. Not too fussed what style of dwelling it is.

I guess I'd pay in the $150-300 range, tho that's not set in stone if something special shows up.

I am quiet. I don't watch TV, or even listen to music much - usually working on the laptop. I write journalism & movies; and also have a writing job at the World Bank. I am learning French.

Don't do drugs, cigarettes - & only an occasional drink. No kids or vehicle.

I'm a 57-year-old Australian male. I'm also involved in volunteer NGO work - e.g. spent 3 months this year teaching at Pour un Sourire d'Enfant near the garbage dump, & still have close links there.

I have furniture if needed. I don't mind stairs. A balcony or veranda would be nice. Don't especially need aircon. But mosquitoes love me, so I'd need screened windows & doors.

Sorry, I wouldn't consider anywhere with construction close by - unless it was minor, finishing soon, etc. Same applies for karaoke venue, metal workshop, etc. (Tho school & pagoda noise I don't mind.)

Anything offering?



012 624 310


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