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flatshare - room available

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Hello, I'm looking to rent ONE of the three bedrooms. It is available as of this weekend! (Nov 8th/9th)

Located on Street 432, 10 meters from the corner of Street 99 above Pharmalink, close to the Russian market and the intersection of Monivong and Mao Tse Tong. The apartment is on the top floor so it is quite and safe.

Features: full size kitchen, two bathrooms (one with a bathtub), balcony and very large living room area. Rent will include cable TV, water, electric and a cleaner once a week. Also have secure area to park motorbike. All for only $150 per month.

If this sounds interesting I can be contacted on: 016.520.560 - Peter

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please make it easy for people so they do NOT waste time.
HOW MUCH per month / week / day are the rooms?

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Yes and please include all your weird habits.

For the record, mine are ;

*Walking around in Hello Kitty pajamas
*Belching loudly
*Farting incessantly
*Singing Kylie Minogue songs
*Arguing about everything.



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