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Flatmate needed - less than $200 a month

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Our flatmate is leaving, opening up one room in our new flat.

Its a 1 year old 3 bed flat just behind Tuol Sleng. All rooms are a good size and have ensuite bathroom and are complete with bed and wardrobe. The Flat has a large kitchen and a an even larger living room with cable tv and an Online 512k internet connection.

Very safe, with overnight security looking after the building and vehicles - ample parking for motorbikes or cars.

A cleaner comes 3 times a weeks - cleans clothes too.

$400 a month divided by 3 is $133.33 plus bills (water is free).

After rent, electric, cleaner and internet connection total cost always seems to fall between $190 and $200 each.

interested please PM or call me, nick on 0121 787 665


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