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Do you have apartment for rent?

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Me and my wife are looking for an apartment in Phnom Penh area.

We would prefer i.e. one big room + living room + kitchen area. Or maybe two rooms with living room, etc. or something similar. Preferably not located at high levels (1st or 2nd would be the best option).

Hot water and aircon (at least in the bedroom) is a must. Preferred area would be around hotel Intercontinental, but all areas are taken into consideration. Furniture included would be a plus.

Contact info:

017 555 435 (English) and 012 778 633 (Khmer)

Best Regards,


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when i was looking last week, I saw something that might fit your criterias.

it's in a street south of Mao Tse Tong and East of the intercon, sorry can't remember the street number.
It has a big living room with kitchen in a corner. 2 bedrooms with bathroom in each and at least 1 aircon.
A verandah where you can put easily a dining table and a couple of chairs.
It's a first floor, khmer family downstais (not the owner) but separate entrance.
renovated recently. average quality of furniture
no car parking but possibly a motobike.
the bathrooms are quite small (no bathtube).
it was 300 USD.

the guy who took me there was Art aka the homefinder. recommended on this board. You can call him 012 422 126

if you are interested i took pics, PM me.

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I have a comment ; BLOODY LEGEND ! Very Happy Well done.

Now... if anyone else posts a simple " I want an apartment for $200" ......

My flame thrower is lit permanently.

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