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Couple looking for a flat with charm

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Hi there!

We are looking for an old Khmer style/wooden flat in Phnom Penh. We have both been in PP for a while and thought it would be much easier than what it actually is at the moment to find something we like. Maybe you or someone you know are leaving Cambodia and a charming flat soon? We would reallly appreciate any suggestions and help!

We are quite flexible with the location as long as it is not too far away. The max rent is $500.

Please e-mail me on: dernart [at] hotmail [dot] com


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The flat on top of that lovely old Villa on 178 had a for rent sign recently and I know the previous tenants were paying about $450. It has just had a tin roof put around the lower level ( looks bloody awful ) so I am guessing a restaurant is going in there. I am told the flat upstairs was a cracker with mosaic floors and high ceilings etc....


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the reason the girls moved out was that the rent was doubled.

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old khmer style wooden flats ... ? ... there's a couple of those around the old market going for 30 bucks a month, lol

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fc, there is also this forum on tips on how to look for accommodation by his Excellency BC of BC Realty Consulting, Construction and Christmas Presents


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