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Coastal rental Jan 2009 - any ideas ?

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We're looking to rent somewhere (small house or bungalow) close to the beach for Jan for 2/3 adults - private & not on a disco-strip - don't need a/c or swimming pool, just a beach, fans & cold beer somewhere cool. I suppose this would be around Sihoukville since that seems to be where the good beaches are. (But "cool" doesn't go with "Snookie" huh? That's why I'm asking you people. My bro lives in Kratie, but he doesn't do the coast.)
... so anyone want to rent their beachhouse? or know of a really great place to chill out as described ? or have any ideas on the subject ?

Thanks & cheers,

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I spent a few months living down in Kep, and if you want a beach without "disco strips" and whatnot, I'd highly recommend staying around there. The "beach" down there may not be up to standard, but there is are nice beaches on the islands, and it's a far better place to "chill out" than Kampong Soam. There are plenty of places with bungalows down there.

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I could highly recommend Kampot. There is a French Doctor down there who has three houses right on the river and about 2 months ago, two were for rent. The one bedroom one on the river ( with deck and fully furnished in lush gardens ) was about $350 and then there was a 2/3 bedder a bit back from the river for the same. You can swim in the river right at the ront as it is really clean and Kep beach and the crab shacks are about a 20 minute tuk tuk ride away. Kampot has a few bars to drink at when you need some conversation plus you can go up to Tek Chu falls and swim, go up Bokoy etc etc.

You would need to contact the Rusty Keyhole for the phone number of the Frenchman as they had a sign there.

Sihanoukville is a hole. IMHO.


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Very lazy, very relaxed and very much away from a disco strip.


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