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Can anyone help with a brief summary of PP's area initials..

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Hi to anyone willing to help.

I'm looking to relocate to Phnom Pen soon and would like to stay somewhere on riverside but I've also seen a lot of other nice looking apartments in other locations. Trouble is most of the real estate rental companies only seem to describe areas by code eg BKK1, which is great for those who know the city, less so for tose who don't

I know, I know...I should have a map but I don't. Sorry :roll:

Would be really grateful if someone could give a newbie an idea of which codes mean the nicer, safer places to live

Many thanks in advance

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BKK1,11,111 = Fat white NGOers running around in Landcruisers
TTP = hip young things on Daelims
KTK = Only the crazy. Long way away.

hope that helps


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There's a map and list of the codes here.


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